2017 2018 2019 Nissan Qashqai Right Passenger Side OE, OEM Headlight, Headlamp

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  • OEM List Price $1,584.00 CAD

This brand new and used right passenger side OE | OEM Halogen type Headlight | Headlamp is DOT and SAE certified for the Canadian and USA markets only. Comes as a complete assembly with all bulbs and wiring harness.

Refurbished may also be in stock. Call us to check availability.

Nissan OEM Part Number:

260106MA0A | 26010-6MA0A

Partslink Part Number:

NI2503258 | NI2503258C | NI2503258N | NI2503258R | NI2503258V | NI2503258OE | NI2503258OEM | NI2503258P | NI2503258PP

A Brand new OE | OEM headlight | headlamp always surpasses other CAPA and / or NSF certified parts in quality, fit, finish, functionality and durability because it's the original part.

CIPCO | OEM Automotive Lighting does not sell any aftermarket brands like TYC, DEPO, Eagle Eyes or any brand CAPA / NSF certified or not. Only OE | OEM.


Brand New - Up 2 years manufacturer warranty.

Used & Refurbished - 90 day warranty by CIPCO | OEM Automotive Lighting.

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