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2016 Mercedes Benz GLE Class LED Headlight

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This brand new, used or refurbished 2016 Mercedes Benz GLE Class right passenger side OE | OEM full LED type headlight | headlamp assembly replacement is for all 2016 to 2018 Mercedes Benz GLE Class models factory equipped with full LED type headlights | headlamps for the Canadian and USA markets only. This is the headlight | headlamp assembly only, also known as lens & housing. Any modules, ballasts and bulbs are not included which is the same way it comes from Mercedes Benz. It is a 100% Genuine Mercedes Benz part and has both the "Mercedes Benz" and "LED Intelligent Light System" engravings inside the headlight | headlamp.

Fits the following specific SUV and Coupe models: GLE300d, GLE350, GLE350d, GLE400, GLE450, GLE550, GLE550e, GLE43, GLE63 and GLE63s

Fits 2018 GLE models produced until October 31, 2017 only.

This is the Curve / Bending / Adaptive / AFS / AHL type headlight | headlamp which means the projector/s will adjust the horizontal aim of the headlights | headlamps from left to right in order to illuminate the curve when cornering.

This OE | OEM Headlight | Headlamp is:
DOT [ Department of Transportation ] and SAE [ Society of Automotive Engineers ] certified.

Note: Limited quantities available in any of the 3 conditions [ Brand New, Used Undamaged and Refurbished Undamaged.

Mercedes Benz OE | OEM Part Number:
1668201259 | 166 820 12 59

Partslink Part Number:
MB2519106 | MB2519106C | MB2519106N | MB2519106R | MB2519106V | MB2519106OE | MB2519106OEM | MB2519106P | MB2519106PP | KEYMB2519106

A Brand new OE | OEM headlight | headlamp always surpasses other aftermarket brands like DEPO, Eagle Eyes and TYC in quality, fit, finish, functionality and durability.

CIPCO | OEM Automotive does not sell any aftermarket brands like these. Only and always OE | OEM Automotive Lighting Parts.

OE | OEM Warranty By: Manufacturer & CIPCO | OEM Automotive
Brand New: Up to 2 years manufacturer warranty.
Used & Refurbished: 90 day warranty by CIPCO | OEM Automotive

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