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We can be reached at 905.294.2484 in Markham or toll free at 1.866.669.8099 Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST or by email: for general questions or to place an order.

This section of our website is for Body Shops | Collision Centres only.

CIPCO does not sell any aftermarket brands like, TYC, DEPO, Eagle Eyes or any other brand CAPA, NSF certified or not. Only brand new, used & refurbished OE | OEM Automotive Lighting Parts.

If you do not see the year, make and model in the drop down menu above, simply click refresh or F5 on your keyboard.

We encourage you to take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with what we have to offer. True quality parts, service and price.

CIPCO does not have any list prices. Prices shown in the search above is your shop cost and should be marked up by 20% or higher as allowed by the insurance company you're working with.

Although the search engine above allows you to search for many different parts, please note that CIPCO only sells OE | OEM automotive lighting parts, so you'll want to search for only those kind of parts.
[ Front Lamps ] - will search for front fog lights and / or daytime running lights [ DRL's ].

[ Headlamp Assembly ] - will search for headlights | headlamps only.

[ Tail Lamp ] - will search for tail lights only - both outer and inner.

Ensure you are searching for the correct part type - halogen type, xenon type or LED headlight, incandescent or LED tail light. Many newer automotive lights often look the same from the outside but can be completely different on the inside and it will not work. If you're not sure what to look for please refer to your Mitchell or Audatex estimating software. Ultimately the best way to know what type of headlight or tail light a vehicle takes is by the VIN.


Please Note: The search above is a live physical inventory we have in stock, usually limited to just 1 or 2 units and we may be sold out at anytime. We cannot guarantee availability at a later time after your search. We recommend placing your order if we show it in stock and you need the part for repairs.
Once you've searched for a part we have in stock you can place your order by clicking on the email link to the right of the part you want to order.

Please include the following information in your email.

Your Name:
Shop | Company Name:
The PO for this order:
VIN: This is always recommended in order to provide you with the correct part the first time.
Expected Date:

We will confirm your order shortly by email along with any other details during our regular business hours.


Different Type of Automotive Lighting Parts:
Halogen Type Headlights - will have a regular H7 or H11 type bulb at the back as the main bulb.

Xenon | Bi-Xenon Type Headlights - will always have at least 1 ballast | module at the back or bottom housing of the headlight and a xenon bulb as the main bulb, which can be changed if it burns out.

LED Type Headlights - may or may not have a ballast | module on the back or bottom housing of the headlight and the LED bulbs are built in as a sealed unit and cannot be changed out like halogen or xenon bulbs can. Many newer vehicles come with LED daytime running lights built into the headlight. This is also called LED accents. Both Halogen type headlights and LED type headlights may have this feature built right into the headlight.

Incandescent Type Tail Lights - will have regular 1156 or 1157 type bulbs that can be changed if they burn out.

LED Type Tail Light - is the same concept as an LED type headlight. This is also a sealed tail light unit with 5 to 20 individual LED bulbs built right in. These LED bulbs cannot be replaced if they burn out because it's a sealed unit.

No charge for local shipping within the Toronto | GTA area as in from downtown Toronto to Richmond Hill and Mississauga to Scarborough.

Outside the Toronto | GTA area but within Ontario province shipping is around $20 to $30 for headlights and $15 to $20 for fog lights and tail lights.

Shipping outside of Ontario will be a bit more. Usually $30 to $50 for headlights and $20 to $40 for fog lights and tail lights. Please contact us for an accurate shipping quote based on your postal code.

These are some terms / keywords you may see in the description of our parts above after your search:

L&H Only = Lens & Housing Only - Usually refers to Xenon and LED type headlights. This means the ballast | module and sometimes the Xenon | HID is not included and will not come with the headlight which is the same way you would receive it if ordered new from your local dealer. These parts should only be ordered if they're damaged. Please refer to the parts diagram in your Mitchell or Audatex estimating software to know exactly what to expect when ordering this part from CIPCO.

Complete = This is a complete headlight assembly which will include the ballast | module and main xenon bulb. Please refer to the parts diagram in your Mitchell or Audatex estimating software to know exactly what to expect when ordering this part from CIPCO.

Headlight Assembly = means the back housing usually black or gray in color and the front plastic lens sold as an assembly and not as two separate parts. Please do not assume that it's the complete headlight with all modules, bulbs and everything else. Refer to the parts diagram in your Mitchell or Audatex estimating software to know exactly what to expect when ordering this part from CIPCO.


CIPCO Parts Grading:
We use the recycling industry parts grading standards as follows:

Grade A = We only supply Grade A quality parts. We do not sell Grade B damaged parts as CIPCO does not sell any damaged parts.


CIPCO Quality:
New OE | OEM Surplus = This is truly a brand new part as in, it's never been installed on any vehicle. These parts may or may not come in the manufacturer box. These parts are better then new take off parts as new take off parts have been previously installed on vehicles and may have some flaws from handling.

Like New Condition - These parts are literally just like new. We could sell these parts as new but we don't. We sell these parts as used but in like new condition.

IQ [ Insurance Quality ] = Used, Clean and No Damage or Any Repairs as CIPCO does not sell damaged parts.

Minor Reman | Refurbished = These parts are used, clean and still without any damage as CIPCO does not sell damaged parts. There will be minor repairs done to the back housing of the headlight only which is usually just a mounting tab. Keyword here is "minor". These repairs are strong, clean and refinished for a close factory look. Front lens is always clean without any deep or heavy scratches and never repaired.

Delivery: [ Inspect part at time of delivery ]
All parts are carefully inspected by a handful of employees at CIPCO before being shipped out by Purolator, UPS or other couriers. All parts should be inspected at time of delivery, shortly thereafter or as soon as possible and contact us right away if there are any issues. Headlights are extremely fragile parts. Top and bottom mounting tabs that extend out by 2 to 5 inches from the back housing of the headlight can easily break or snap off at the smallest impact if not handled properly. Always use both hands to handle a headlight. Never grab it by any of the mounting tabs and the front clear plastic lens should never come into contact with any surface whatsoever at anytime during the repairs especially the shop floor.


CIPCO Warranty:
New OE | OEM Surplus parts come with a standard manufacturer warranty of up to 2 years.

Like New Condition, IQ [ Insurance Quality ] and Minor Reman parts come with a 90 Day Warranty.


CIPCO Pricing for Shops Only:
Brand New OE | OEM Surplus - Over 25% off OEM Dealer List

Like New, Grade A, IQ & Used - Clean and Undamaged - Over 40% off OEM Dealer List

Minor Reman | Refurbished - Over 50% off OEM Dealer List

General CIPCO Return Policy:
As you already know that electrical parts are always a special order part and should only be ordered when and if you need it for repairs. Because we have a very limited quantity of parts in stock and in any condition, brand new, used & refurbished, we would appreciate it if you place your order while keeping this in mind.

Returns are accepted within 30 days but preferably as soon as possible if you've ordered a part from us and will not be using it for repairs. Please do not just hold on to any part ordered from CIPCO for weeks on end.

Returns past 30 days and before 60 days are still accepted at a 10% restocking fee. No exceptions. We have a very limited quantity of parts in stock. Return parts as soon as possible if you're not going to use it for repairs.

Returns over 60 days are not accepted. No exceptions.

Complete and more detailed company policies are available on the bottom of this page.

Page revised: Feb 12, 2018
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