OE Headlight

What is an OE Headlight?

An OE headlight assembly replacement is what the parts department at your local new car dealership will sell you. This OE headlight will come in the car maker's branded box. OE headlights are also known as branded headlights, meaning the manufacturer's logo would be visible on the front lens of the headlight and on a label usually on the back housing of the headlight. Some manufacturers like Acura, BMW, Buick, Chevrolet, Dodge, M Benz and Volvo to name a few are known to have their logo on the lens or inside the bezel of the headlight. These OE headlights are the exact same ones that were installed on your vehicle in the factory when assembled. Brand new OE headlights are the most expensive headlights you can buy and are usually sold through the dealership network at a premium cost of course. However, this premium cost also comes with the highest quality OE headlights you can buy. Aftermarket headlights just can't compete.

OEM Automotive Lighting.com carries OE headlight assembly replacement in brand new, high quality recycled used and quality refurbished condition.

Brand new OE headlights: are available in very limited quantity. Remember these are the same ones you'd buy at your local dealership.

High quality recycled used OE headlights: mostly available in limited quantity. These high quality recycled used OE headlights have no damage and no repairs whatsoever. The front lens is clean and clear without any heavy scratches and no cracks.

Quality refurbished, reconditioned OE headlights: are also available in limited quantity that will have minor repairs done usually to the back housing of the headlight and are still in very good quality condition. Quality refurbished, reconditioned OE headlights will ship without any damage and a clean front lens without heavy scratches and no cracks.

OEM Automotive Lighting.com only specializes in original automotive lighting parts and for nearly 20 years, we're known to have high quality condition OE headlight assembly replacement across Canada and the USA.


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Note: Limited quantities available in any of these 3 conditions [ Brand New, Recycled Used and Refurbished, Reconditioned ]

OEM Automotive Lighting.com does not sell / ship any broken, damaged, rough unusable condition parts.

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