Jetta Head Light


Brand New, High Quality Recycled Used and Refurbished, Reconditioned Jetta Head Light

Available from OEM Automotive - Our brand new Jetta head lights have never been installed on any Jetta. The high quality recycled used Jetta head lights are always without any damage* and no repairs whatsoever that will have a clean and clear lens without any heavy scratches and no cracks. We also have quality refurbished, reconditioned Jetta head lights that will have minor repairs** done, usually to the back housing of the headlight and will arrive to you without any damage whatsoever that will still have a clean and clear lens with no heavy noticeable scratches and no cracks.

Note: Limited quantities available in any of these 3 conditions [ Brand New, High Quality Recycled Used, Refurbished, Reconditioned and availability may change at anytime.

To check availability on other Jetta Head Lights, call us Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm EST locally at 905.294.2484 or toll free at 1.866.669.8099

*Used OEM headlights may show some minor imperfections depending on factors like how old the vehicle was and the environment vehicle was operated in. A used headlight from a 5 year old vehicle with high mileage operated on unpaved country roads will not be in the same condition as a 5 year old vehicle with low mileage operated on cleaner paved roads.
**Refurbished, reconditioned OEM headlights may show visible repairs done to the back housing of the part and / or minor imperfections. Refurbished, reconditioned OEM headlights from OEM Automotive are still very usable headlights in clean condition without any damage or cracks anywhere.
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