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CIPCO - Main Local Phone # in Markham: 905.294.2484 & Toll Free: 1.866.669.8099

This section of our website is for insurance appraisers / adjusters only.

CIPCO does not have any list prices. Prices shown on this page are body shop prices and should be marked-up as per your company policy.

Although this search engine allows you to search for many different parts, please note that CIPCO only sells OE | OEM automotive lighting parts, so you'll want to search for only those parts:

[ Front Lamps ] - will search for front fog lights or daytime running lights [ DRL's ].

[ Headlamp Assembly ] - will search for headlights only.

[ Tail Lamp ] - will search for tail lights only.

Ensure you are searching for the correct part as in halogen type, xenon type or LED type headlight, Incandescent or LED tail light as they are completely different.

Please Note: This is a live physical inventory we have in stock, usually limited to just 1 or 2 units and may change at anytime. We cannot guarantee availability at a later time after your search.

Once you've searched for a part we have in stock you can email us from the results section under the "Contact" column to the right of the part you're quoting. You can place the part on hold for a shop for only 24 hours, send us more info like shop name and a contact as well as other details like the VIN to ensure this is the correct part needed for the job.

More details & condition of our parts are available below just under this search section.


Quality and Parts Grading:

We use the recycling industry parts grading standards as follows:

Grade A = Insurance Quality [ IQ ], Used, Clean and No Damage or Any Repairs. CIPCO does not sell damaged parts.


These are some terms / keywords you may see in the description of our parts above.

L&H = Lens & Housing Only. Usually referred to Xenon | HID & LED type headlights. This is just the headlight itself and no modules or bulbs are included which is the same way it comes from the manufacturer. Please refer to the parts diagram of the Mitchell or Audatex estimating software you're using.

Complete = This is the full complete Xenon | HID | LED type headlight and will include all modules and bulbs.

Minor Reman or Minor Refurb = These headlights are Used, Clean and still without any damage as CIPCO does not sell damaged parts. There will be minor repairs done to the back housing of the headlight only which is usually just a mounting tab. Keyword here is "minor". These repairs are very strong as we plastic weld, mould and refinish the back housing for a close factory look. Front lenses are clean without any deep or heavy scratches and never repaired. Refurbished and Used lighting parts come with a 90 day warranty.

New OE | OEM Surplus = These parts are truly brand new which have never been installed on any vehicle and so they are not new take offs as these have previously been installed on a vehicle. New OE | OEM Surplus lighting parts come with a manufacturer warranty of up to 2 years.

CIPCO Pricing for Shops Only:

New OE | OEM Surplus - Over 25% off OEM dealer list

Used, Grade A, IQ - Over 40% off OEM dealer list

Used, Refurbished - Over 50% off OEM dealer list

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